Fascia and Soffits

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More commonly referred to as 'roofline' products by architects and builders; fascias and soffits are the boards positioned along the bottom edges of a roof where it meets the external wall of your house. The fascia supports the weight of the bottom row of tiles and carry all the guttering fixtures.

Traditionally, roofline products were made from wood, which needs regular maintenance and repainting to prevent rot. If decay does occur, the whole roof structure can become vulnerable - and opting for modern uPVC fascias and soffits will ensure your home looks good for years.

At Frames Windows and doors , our fascias and soffits fitters can replace every aspect of your roofline – including the bargeboards, guttering and cladding – to protect your roof timbers and brickwork from wind, rain, corrosion or the freeze and thaw cycle. With no deposit to pay, or the option to buy now and pay nothing for 12 months, it’s easier than ever to weather-proof your home.

Safeguard your property and put an end to the hassle of continual maintenance, get in touch with our fascias and soffits fitters or call 0191 3545002  for a free no-obligation quote.

The Benefits of Fascia and Soffits

Fascias and soffits can quickly transform any property – as well as a host of other benefits…

Prevent damage, save money

If your roof space becomes compromised by water and is left for months or years, the effects will become more expensive to solve

Protection from all weathers Fascias and soffits play an important role by keeping the wind, rain and snow away from the structural timbers underneath

Extend your roof’s lifetime

Soffits and fascias make your roof structure last longer and stop the exposed edges of the felt from deterioration Eradicate water damage

Properly-fitted roofline products will stop water ponding behind the fascia and eliminate the risk of a sagging underlay

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